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Before the first, Beyond the last
The ever-reigning one
Age to Age, the one who was
The one who is and is to come, Oh Lord

So Glorious,
You are so Glorious
Living Eternal One,
You are so Glorious

You hung the stars, rolled out the skies
And set the earth in place
All the works Your hand has made
Reflects Your glory, sings Your praise, Oh Lord

So Glorious,
You are So Glorious
Maker of Heaven and Earth,
You are so Glorious

Who can meet Your gaze?
Bear to see Your face?
Stand before You in the Holiest Place
The Holiest Place?

Yet here we stand, amazed by grace,
For by the light of your Son
Lost are found, the weak made strong,
And broken hearts rejoice as one, and sing

So Glorious,
You are So Glorious
Living, Eternal One
Maker of Heaven and Earth
Treasure of infinite worth,
You are so Glorious

So Glorious, So wonderful
So Powerful, So Beautiful
So Glorious.

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