I Am Yours

I fell face down
But you lifted my eyes to you
I knelt in the dirt but you called me to stand
'cause I am yours

Before the dawn of time
You'd numbered all my days
Before the world began you knew my name
'cause I am yours

And it never ceases to amaze
That you should love me
With all my weakness and my shame
That you should care
It never ceases to astound
How my wandering soul is found
By this grace
I am yours

You took the rags that I wore
And you clothed me in royal robes
You crowned me with love as you tended my wounds
'cause I am yours

This is a song about how much God has done for each us - about how he's stooped down to us out of his great love, and lifted us up. It's all pretty 'returning prodigal' and 'psalmish' (is that a word?) imagery.

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