Will Not Wait

We've got it all at our fingertips
We've got it all on demand
And we're saving all our saving for tomorrow
While today's bright shiny toys are in our hands

And they're instant, they're disposable
Convenient, Replacable
For an immediate decision
Press 1 after the tone
And it seems like we
Will not wait any longer

Hey, Larry Page, if I say I'm feeling lucky now
Would you save me from searching for myself
Would you give me your best answer to my questions
Because right now I don't have time for nothing else

And I could lose weight now and get rich quick
I've already won a prize
And the tempting tabloid promises
Of get yours free inside
Make us feel like we
Don't have to wait any longer

The tassimo espresso
That we need to wake us up
Was it ever really instant
Or another man's labour of love
In a far away land
Under a far away sun
In a far away sky
Out of sight
So I don't have to wait any longer

And underneath the old receipts
From the last big thing, now obselete
I find a new perspective
With a longer term yield
And I know that I won't
No, I won't wait any longer

When I was at Uni, I tried my hand at preaching. Just the once.

The topic I'd ended up with was about how our society seems to be geared so much to instant gratification, and throw away items, rather than working on things that last.

The only problem I had was that my sermon, in a mildly ironic way, was only a few minutes. I could never understand how preachers find enough material to flesh out an entire sermon.

This song was an attempt to put that point across.

Oh, and if you're not sure who Larry Page is, go look him up on Google......

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